Y6, 12,13-二(2-乙基己基)-3,9-双十一基-12,13-二氢-[1,2,5]噻二唑并[3,4-e]噻吩并[2'',3'':4',5']噻吩并[2',3':4,5]吡咯并[3,2-g]噻吩并[2',3':4,5]噻吩并[3,2-b]吲哚-2,10-二(5,6-二氟-3-(二氰基亚甲基)茚-1-酮)

产品编号 OP050
产品分类 产品分类
CAS号 2304444-49-1
分子式 C82H86F4N8O2S5
分子量 1451.93

Y6 is a A-DAD-A structure.


The absorption of Y6 has a maximum at around 810 nm and extends to 1100 nm (corresponding to the near infra-red).


Optimised photovoltaic devices using Y6 as the acceptor and PBDB-T-2F (PM6) as the polymer donor can demonstrate efficient device performance with power conversion efficiencies (PCEs) of up to 15.7%.


NFAs, n-type non-fullerene electron acceptors, Organic semiconducting materials, Low band-gap small molecule, Small molecular acceptor, Organic photovoltaics, Polymer solar cells, NF-PSCs.